AR product presentations

Add a 3d model of your product on the page and let the customer put it inside

Internet sale

Nowadays, investing in non-contact shopping brings benefits to both stores and end customers. By giving the buyer the opportunity to try the offered products inside, we increase the conversion rate.

Ease of use

Possibility to present any product in 3d without installing additional applications, directly in the browser. The intuitive way of interacting with the model will allow everyone to get to know the product freely


The 3d model is superimposed on the image from the smartphone camera with the appropriate scale, perspective and lighting conditions. This allows the potential customer to see the offered product in their own interior.

show product variants

Simple change of materials in the 3d model


The presentation of various variants of one object will allow for matching a specific piece of furniture to the client's interior.

Choose color

augmented reality

Interactive presentation of the product offer

ar - technology of the future

WebXR technology is natively supported by computers (PC, Mac) and mobile devices (Android, iOS). Stable platforms allow you to display a 3d model on a website (e.g. instead of a photo), mobile devices also allow you to place a 3d model in augmented reality.

additional information

Links in 3d space describing the characteristics of the product

wall / floor

3D objects can be placed on the wall or floor, enabling the presentation of a wide range of products.